FordPass Rewards

Membership has its rewards

As a valued member, you’ll enjoy the convenience of effortlessly earning and redeeming valuable FordPass™ Rewards Points.

Turn your Points into service discounts

You have an incredible opportunity to earn Points for your everyday activities and, in turn, use them to access discounted services at your preferred FordPass Rewards dealer.

Earn and track your FordPass Rewards Points

At participating Ford dealerships, members have the thrilling privilege of both earning and redeeming FordPass Rewards Points. Experience the satisfaction of watching your Points grow and stay updated on the options available for their utilization.

Keep your new Ford healthy

As a gesture of gratitude, individuals who purchase a new vehicle will receive a generous Thank-You Bonus of 40,000 Points. These Points can be utilized towards future services or even put towards the purchase of a brand new Ford, offering you even more value and rewards.

Service for your car. Points for you.


When you decide to have your vehicle serviced at a participating dealership, you not only receive exceptional care but also unlock the opportunity to earn valuable Points. These Points can then be utilized to enjoy discounts on future eligible services and much more. For every dollar you spend on service at a participating dealership, you’ll earn 10 Points. These Points can be redeemed at any location where FordPass™ Rewards Points are accepted, providing you with even greater value and flexibility.

Ready to use some Points?


Embrace the versatility of your Points, as they offer a wide range of possibilities for you to explore. Whether you prefer to redeem them for eligible Ford Service, exciting accessories, or even put them towards a down payment on your next Ford, the choice is entirely yours. Your Points empower you with the freedom to select how you want to leverage them, ensuring a personalized and rewarding experience.


How do members join FordPass Rewards?

Joining FordPass Rewards is a breeze. By downloading the FordPass App or registering on our website at, you’ll immediately become a valued member of the FordPass Rewards program. To get started, simply download the FordPass App on your iPhone or Android device and proceed to sign up or sign in. If you have any questions or need assistance, our dedicated team at Weston Ford is always ready to provide friendly support and guidance.

How do members earn FordPass Rewards Points?

Earn FordPass Rewards Points seamlessly through a variety of methods and activities. You can accumulate points by purchasing qualifying Ford, Motorcraft®, or Omnicraft™ parts, along with the associated labor, from participating Ford dealerships. Moreover, as a member, you have the opportunity to earn points by participating in qualifying activities and making the most of offers available through the FordPass App or website. This way, you can effortlessly boost your points balance and unlock the rewards you deserve.

You have the opportunity to earn points through the following methods (please note that not all options may be available at the program launch):

  • Earn points when you purchase or lease a new retail Ford vehicle from a participating dealer.
  • Activate and maintain your FordPass Connect modem* to earn points.
  • Join FordPass Rewards within 60 days of purchasing a new vehicle.
  • Earn points when you purchase a Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicle within 60 days of purchase. Please keep in mind that the Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicles must have been certified as of October 31, 2022, and the sale must be closed by January 3, 2023.**
  • Receive points for servicing your vehicle (retail repair orders only) at a participating dealer. Certain restrictions may apply.
  • Set a preferred dealer in your account to earn points.
  • Complete digital brand experiences, such as surveys or videos, to earn points.

These are just a few ways to earn points with FordPass Rewards. Make the most of these opportunities to enhance your rewards experience.

Do members have to use the FordPass App to earn rewards?

Yes, members can effortlessly earn FordPass Rewards at their participating dealership and conveniently manage their account online at However, it’s essential to have a Ford member account, such as an Owner or Lincoln Owner account, to participate in the program. Additionally, some earning opportunities require the use of the FordPass App*. For example, to activate the FordPass Connect modem and earn Thank-You bonus Points for a vehicle purchase, you’ll need to utilize the FordPass App*.

Start Earning Today!

Get started on your journey of learning and earning by signing up or signing in if you already have an account. For more information and to make the most of your points at Weston Ford, reach out to our friendly sales or service team. They’ll be glad to help you!

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